Tobacconist Series Bundles

Available in four different wrappers

Tobacconist Series Bundle - Ecuadorian Rosado

A smooth, medium-bodied smoke with a sweet ‘n spicy taste and an inviting aroma.
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Tobacconist Series Bundle - Maduro

One of the most sought after cigars for the cigar smoker. A careful blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco filler wrapped with an aged, rich, oily Maduro leaf imparts a deep, nutty tone with notes of cocoa for a satisfying full-bodied finish.
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Tobacconist Series Bundle - Connecticut

A 50/50 blend of Dominican and Cuban seed filler, Dominican binder, aged Connecticut shade wrapper. This cigar, created to replicate the Cuban Cohiba Esplendido, has soft, earthy tones, a hint of nuts and a mild, easy finish.
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Tobacconist Series Bundle - Sumatra

A 70% Cuban Seed, 30% Dominican filler wrapped with the mysterious Indonesian Sumatra Wrapper which delivers a deep, leathery tone with hints of fig and a medium bodied finish.
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