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Antojitos Cubanos

Antojitos Cubanos, translated into English means - "Cuban Cravings." Not everyone can afford to smoke genuine Cuban Cigars, even if they were legally sold in the U.S. So, we created the next best alternative - a milder, gentler, less intense Cuban inspired cigar that is affordable and delicious. Cuban soil is not the only requirement that defines a great cigar, far from it. It takes a great and gifted master cigar blender, Jose Dominguez, to make the difference. No one else in the world possesses his talent, skill, vision or genius that can bring to life what others only dream about. Taste our Antojitos Cubanos and satisfy your curiosity, once and for all.

Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Binder: Sumatra Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua Viso, olor and Criollo Dom Rep
Strength: Medium-Bodied Smoke


Cigar Sizes
50 x 5 Robusto - Box of 20
50 x 6 Toro - Box of 20
50 x 7 Churchill - Box of 20
52 x 6 ½ Torpedo - Box of 20

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