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Real Cuban Knock-Offs Montecristo No. 2

by Jose Dominguez

If you've been wishing and waiting for the Cuban Embargo to be lifted to smoke real Cuban Cigars, well, your patience will be richly rewarded - Real Cuban Knockoff Cigars are finally Available in the U.S. These cigars are so true to their namesakes that Fidel himself would be proud to smoke an R.C.K. and swear that it was just rolled in one of his private factories. Cuba's Montecristo #2 (Torpedo) is arguably one of the 10 top selling cigars in the world today, but unfortunately, unavailable to U.S. smokers - UNTIL NOW. It's rich taste, silky touch and bold enticing aroma are all captured in our MC No. 2 blend that is simply unbelievable, and sells for a fraction of the Cuban price. We should have called our cigars - Real Cuban Knockouts, because that's what they are. First to debut is M.C. No2, but rest assured, many more are in the process of being developed with their own distinctive blend and flavor that will finally introduce forbidden pleasures to thousands of deprived U.S. smokers yearning for the quality that only real Cuban Cigars can deliver.

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Corojo Dom Rep
Filler: Corojo, Criollo 98 and Vuelta Abajo Dom Rep
Strength: Full-Bodied Smoke


52 x 6 1/2

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