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Jose Dominguez

There's a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Jose Dominguez. Long awaited,

long anticipated and definitely – long overdue, but finally here. For many years now, Jose Dominguez has been respected and held in the highest esteem among his fellow distinguished master cigar blenders. Today, he rightfully assumes his position among the industry's finest and most revered names.

Never before have taste, quality and price come together in such a rewarding smoking experience. Jose Dominguez cigars are not only as good as the best, but they have an advantage no one else can offer – AFFORDABILITY. Stimulate your business as well as the economy. Jose Dominguez Cigars, now more than ever, his time has come.

Grande – 7 1/2x50

Gordito – 5x50

Fino – 6x44 Perfecto – 3 1/4x48

Belicoso – 6 1/2x52

Boxes of 20 – Individually Cedar Wrapped Cigars

USA Connecticut Shade Wrapper – Medium to bold strength – A very smooth burn that finishes with a nutty, creamy taste.

Colorado Maduro – Medium to intense strength. A sweet hearty taste which increases in flavor right down to the nub.

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